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Small and Medium Enterprises play an important role as growth engines of the nation, contributing to the industrial output, exports, employment generation and help to achieve higher economic growth of the country. Inspire of possessing an excellent knowledge, innovative ideas and remarkable contributions towards nation building, even the most remarkable businesses of the successful entrepreneurs do not attain publicity and their efforts and achievements remain unrecognized and unvalued to the business world.
Quality Mark Trust is directly linked to how the Organizations are run. The best performers and innovators in industry will vouch for the fact that success comes only by creating exceptional customer experience, i.e., the experience of its customer and subsequently the stakeholders. Based on extensive market research conducted by Quality Mark Trust, one of India's leading Certification Agency, the Quality Mark Award honor the doers and pioneers in spectacular style as the MSME joins in to facilitate India's top Industrialist and Professionals from the private sector. We request you to send in the nomination of your Organization today and block your calendars for the gala ceremony!
Quality Mark Awards will be your proof of credibility. There are many rankings and awards for Industries but one that'll be the last word and final seal of quality for your commitment to Industry excellence and hence, customer satisfaction and delight, will be none other but this one. The awards will be held over a black tie gala dinner in one of the best five star properties. With key leaders and professionals in their respective business and service categories and many other eminent guests attending, this will be one of the finest opportunities to network and celebrate success. The most exciting aspect is that the awards will be given away by a celebrity of international repute and the show stopper will be a scintillating performance by the best of the best dance group.
Identification of the key Organization’s in a particular category and geographical zone and inviting them for participation in the market research.
Over 1300000 MSME industries spread all across Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh were invited to participate by sending their nominations in different categories depending upon their location and focus of their products/Services.
The Selection Committee will consider the Nominations on the basis of following criteria relevant to the business activities of the applicants:
  • Development of Enterprise: Products / Processes, Financial and Sustained Growth
  • Quality Consciousness & Commitment to improvement
  • Responsibilities towards manpower & environment
  • Management Concepts / Leadership skills
  • Vision and Mission
  • Customer Relations
  • Future Expansion Plans
  • Social Commitment
  • Technological Innovations
  • Export Performance
  • Quality of Services
  • Performance evaluation of the services
 A selection committee comprising of experts from concerned fields will screen, appraise, select and recommend the nominees to the Management Committee of Quality Mark Trust.
The stages in the selection process are as follows:
Stage 1: Preliminary screening of the Nominations
Stage 2: Evaluation of the Nominations
Stage 3: Personal interviews of the short-listed Nominee, if required
Stage 4: Visit to the factory, office and business premises, if required by prior notice
Stage 5: Final review and recommendation by the Selection Committee to Management
Stage 6: Registration of the Awardees as per Terms and Condition.
Stage 7: Results will be communicated to applicants.
Stage 8: Presentation Function of the Awards.
As a policy of the Quality Mark Trust, the information provided by the applicants will be kept confidential. No information will be divulged to anybody without the written consent of the applicant. The information will only be given to the selection committee for the purpose of their study and selection process.